Jeff Bridges

Jeff Bridges

"Michelle Putting on Lipstick, From the Fabulous Baker Boys, 1989"
From the collection of the artist
Signed and titled by the artist on recto
Edition for Shutter To Think: 1
11" x 14" Silver Gelatin Print

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Jeff Bridges has been an avid photographer since high school and for more than twenty years, on dozens of film sets, Bridges has perfected his own photography, shooting between takes and behind-the-scenes with a Widelux F8 camera. These are not traditional “Hollywood” pictures, but rather—despite the costumes and lighting, the crowds of extras, the stardom of the subjects—pictures of friends at work. Taken together, the pictures act as Bridges’ personal and professional diary, with actors, directors, and crew appearing as coworkers, all equal participants in the job at hand.

bridgesJeff Bridges:

Jeff Bridges has appeared in such films as The Last Picture Show (1971), Fat City (1972), Bad Company (1972), The Last American Hero (1973), The Iceman Cometh (1973), Thunderbolt and Lightfoot (1974), Rancho Deluxe (1975), Hearts of the West (1975), Winter Kills(1979), TRON (1982), The Fabulous Baker Boys (1989), Starman (1984), Tucker: The Man and His Dream (1988), The Fisher King (1991), American Heart (1992), Fearless (1993), The Big Lebowski (1998) (now a cult phenomenon) and The Contender (2000) (which gave him a fourth Oscar nomination). More recently he seized the moment as a bald-pated villain as Robert Downey Jr.'s nemesis in Iron Man (2008) and then, at age 60, he capped his rewarding career by winning the elusive Oscar, plus the Golden Globe and Screen Actor Guild awards (among many others), for his down-and-out country singer Bad Blake in Crazy Heart (2009). More recently, Bridges starred in TRON: Legacy (2010), reprising one of his more famous roles, and received another Oscar nomination for Best Actor for his role in the Western remake True Grit (2010).